Shortcut tricks for time and work

Problem Based on time and work is play most important role any government or non government competitive exam.But manage time in competitive exam is very difficult task so jobsdukaan try to provide some Important Shortcut Trick Video on how to calculate time and work.

Why Need  Shortcut Trick for time and work

  • To understand Concept in easy way.
  • Solve problems faster than other competitor.
  • Keep track of the time or time saving.
  • To gain high score in competitive exam
time and work,Shortcut tricks for time and work

We all are know that maths is major part of any competitive exam. Maths can leads chance to get good score in competitive exam. Only maths problem can be solve easily within the Second of  time but condition is that needs to do more practices of math shortcut trick. It doesn’t meant that without using shortcut trick you can’t solve any maths problem.We all have ability to solve the maths problem without using shortcut tricks. But some of other people may not use traditional method. They always use shortcut trick  in competitive exam preparation.

Visitor are requested to Watch Shortcut tricks Video carefully. this video will help you to understand Shortcut trick on problem based on time and work.

We all had  learned basic maths in school. which was enough for high score in school exams. But now day its not enough to gain high score in competitive exams. Now to avoid that situation. We all are need to learn shortcuts trick to solve the problem in seconds of time. Which is help  to gain high score in competitive exams.

Time and work formula

1. If A can do a piece of work in n days, work done by A in 1 day = 1/n

2. If A does 1/n work in a day, A can finish the work in n days

3. If M1 men can do W1 work in D1 days working H1 hours per day and M2 men can do W2 work in D2 days working H2 hours per day (where all men work at the same rate), then

M1 D1 H1 / W1 = M2 D2 H2 / W2
4. If A can do a piece of work in p days and B can do the same in q days, A and B together can finish it in pq / (p+q) days
5. If A is thrice as good as B in work, then
Ratio of work done by A and B = 3 : 1
6. Ratio of time taken to finish a work by A and B = 1 : 3

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