Shortcut tricks for how to calculate percentage

Problem Based on percentage is play most important role any government or non government competitive exam.But manage time in competitive exam is very difficult task so jobsdukaan try to provide some Important Shortcut Trick Video on how to calculate percentage.

Why Need  Shortcut Trick for how to calculate percentage

  • To understand Concept in easy way.
  • Solve problems faster than other competitor.
  • Keep track of the time or time saving.
  • To gain high score in competitive exam
how to calculate percentage,Shortcut tricks for how to calculate percentage

We all are know that maths is major part of any competitive exam. Maths can leads chance to get good score in competitive exam. Only maths problem can be solve easily within the Second of  time but condition is that needs to do more practices of math shortcut trick. It doesn’t meant that without using shortcut trick you can’t solve any maths problem.We all have ability to solve the maths problem without using shortcut tricks. But some of other people may not use traditional method. They always use shortcut trick  in competitive exam preparation.

Visitor are requested to Watch Shortcut tricks Video carefully. this video will help you to understand Shortcut trick on problem based on percentage.

What is percentage?

Percentage is  A fraction or a numerical expression or a ration with 100 assumed as denominator. So we can represent 1 percentage as 1%.” how to calculate percentage ” is most important chapter and its shortcut tricks are need to know why because it uses other chapters for calculation like data interpretation chapter so we first learn Shortcut tricks for how to calculate percentage.
Here is Percentage based some fact and formula and some Percentage shortcut tricks examples. The problem are given in Quantitative Aptitude which is a very essential paper in competitive exam. 

Percentage Basic Facts and Formula:

  •  Now 1% we can express it as a 1%=1/100. Similarly we can write 10%=10/100 and 50%=50/100 ( 50 part of total 100 part ).
  •  If a student get 40% marks in Math that means student got marks in math is 40 out of 100 of full marks.

To Express p/q as a percentage:

We express it as p/q = (p/qx100)%.
so we can express like 1/4 = (1/4×100)% = 25% .
and Now, 0.4 = 4/10 = (4/10 x 100)% = 40% .
  • If the price of a commodity increases by R%,then the reduction in consumption as not to increase the expenditure is [R/(100+R)x100]% 
  •  If the price of a commodity decreases by R%,then the increase in consumption as not to decrease the expenditure is  [R/(100-R)x100]% 

Results on Population :

Let the population of  a town be P now and suppose it increases at the rate of R% per annul, then
  • Population after n years = 

  • Population n years ago 


Remember It

Help in Fast Calculation in percentage





13=3313%33.33% 23=6623%66.67%


14=25% 34=75%




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