Gk Questions Asked in RRB NTPC – Exams Held on 7th-Apr-2016 For 1st ,2nd Shift


RRB NTPC Exam 1st Shifts

1. Who is BCCI president

Ans: Shashank Manohar

2. Odd man Out (Physics, chemistry, biology, social)

Ans: Social

3. Lalit Kala Akademi?

Ans:To encourage and promote study and research in the fields of creative arts such as painting, sculpture and graphics etc.

4. Female anopheles mosquito causes Which disease?

Ans: Malaria

5. Author of the Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings”

Ans:  Marlon James

6. Which one is fastest memory?

Ans:  Cache

7. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field?

Ans: Wrestler

8. Who is the writer of Sustainable Development?

Ans: Krishan Saigal

9. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included Mountain railways of India

Ans:  kashmir railway

10.Zn Present In?

Ans: Bri

11. Man Booker Prize 2015?

Ans: Marlon James

12.Father of White Revolution in India

Ans: V.Kurien

13.The acid used is car battery is?

Ans: Sulphuric Acid

14.‘Land of the morning Clam’ refers to?

Ans: Korea

15.WHO was established in the year?

Ans: 1948

16.Evergreen forests are found in?

Ans: Equatorial regions

17. Ozone hole clearly visible in antarctic which season?

Ans: Summer(October)


Ans: geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle

19. SMAP satellite launched by


20. NASA act which yeas?


21. Natya shashtra is written by?

Ans:Sage Bharata.

22. Name of famous GOA church..?

Ans: Cathedral

23. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included mountain railway of India?

Ans: Kashmir

RRB NTPC Exam 2nd Shifts

1. IPC Full Form
Ans: Indian Penal Code

2. PCB Full Form
Ans: Process Control Block

3. Azad Hind Fauj Founded In Which Year?
Ans: 1942

4. Asia Cup 2015 Winner?
Ans: India

5. Netware Belongs To Which Company?
Ans: Novell

6. East India Company Established In Which Year?
Ans: 31 Dec 160

7. Bank Board Bureau(BBB)Chairman?

Ans:Vinod Rai

8. Dhameka Stupa Located At?


9. Who Is the Chairman Of NHRC?

Ans: H.L Dattu

10. Fundamental Rights comes under which articles?

Ans: Article 14-32

11. ITF Davis CUP 2015 Champion?

Ans: Britain

12. Who Was The Second Term Chief In 2011 Of United Nations?

Ans: Ban Ki Moon.

13.What Is The National Motto Of India?

Ans: Satyamev Jayate

14.Who Was The Prime Minister Of Bangladesh In 1971?

Ans: Tajjudin Ahmed

15. Name Of The Astranut Who Spend 368 Days  In Space?

Ans: Scott Kelly

16. The Security Colour Of URL

Ans: Green


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