Gk Questions Asked in RRB NTPC – Exams Held on 11th-Apr-2016 For 1st ,2nd,3rd Shift


RRB NTPC Exam 1st Shifts

1) How many constellations has been named?
Ans. 88
2) First female Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
Ans. Sirimavo Bandaranaike
3) The first woman Muslim in High Judiciary System?
Ans. Leela Seth
4) Why do Stars shine?
Ans. nuclear fusion
5) Who was the first Muslim President in the World?
Ans. Benazir Bhutto
6) Which is the lightest Gas?
Ans. Helium
7) Who was first Lady Judge of High Court?
Ans Leela Seth
8) G-20 Summit held in which Country?
Ans. Turkey
9)Gasoline Engine introduced by –    
10) Name to Gandhi by British which he denied?  
11) Symmetry of Rectangle is ?
Ans. 2
12) Which country will host 2017 FIFA under 17?
Ans. India
13) Who among the following invented X-Rays?
Ans. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
14) 2015 Commonwealth Games were held at –
Ans. Apia, Samoa
15) Keshar e Hind is awarded to which of the following?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi
16) What is Ecotone?
Ans. Transition area between two biomes


RRB NTPC Exam 2nd Shifts

1) Physical Research Laboratory was founded by?
Ans. Vikram Sarabhai
2) Kalindi is the other name of which river?
Ans. Yamuna
3)Humayun tomb situated at?
Ans. Delhi
4)What is the Rank of India in Corruption Index 2015?
Ans. 76
5)Uniform civil code article?
Ans. Article 44
6) Which one is smallest state of India?
Ans. Goa
7) First Female President of Nepal?
Ans. Bidhya Devi Bhandari
8) Social Justice come under which article?
9) Operation Smile related to what?
Ans. Find Missing Children
10) Who is the Prime Minister of Nepal?
11) Who gave Kaiser-e-hind to Mahatma Gandhi?
Ans. British Government
12) Vertebral Column has how many bones?
Ans. 33
13)State with Maximum boundaries with other states –
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
14) Where is Tidal Port Situated?
Ans. Kutch, Gujrat
15) Mahabharata was fought for how many days?
Ans. 18 Days
16) FIFA Ballon d’Or award 2015?
Ans. Lionel Messi
17) Pashupatinath Temple Located at?
Ans Kathmandu, Nepal


RRB NTPC Exam 3rd Shifts

1) Jama Majid is located at –
Ans. Delhi
2) Golkonda fort is located at –
Ans. Hyderabad
3) Who is viceroy when India got Independence?
Ans. Lord Mountbatten
4) In which year srilanka got Independence/
Ans. 1948
5) Which became the first district with NOFN high-speed connectivity?
Ans. Idukki
6) Which is largest tiger reserve in India?
Ans. Nagarjuna sreesilam
7) When was PSLV Launched for the first time?
Ans. 1994
8) The election commission is not responsible for whose election?
Ans. president and vice president
9) latest engine in India for emission
Ans. Bharat 4
10) Which airport is working based on solar energy –
Ans. Kochi airport
11) Where is Virupaksha temple is located?
Ans. Hampi
12) What is amount given under pradhan manthri suraksha bima yojana?
Ans. Rs.2 lakhs
13) Tungabhadra river from tributary with –
Ans. Krishna
14) AAU is for
Ans. credit for emission of greenhouse gas.
15) Who is the founder of world wide web?
Ans. Tim Berners-lee
16) Who is the father of Indian surgery?       
Ans. Sushruta
17)Ryder Cup is related to –
Ans. Golf


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