Gk Questions Asked in RRB NTPC – Exams Held on 09th-Apr-2016 For 1st ,2nd,3rd Shift



RRB NTPC Exam 1st Shifts
1)  Water is mixture of ______.
Ans: Oxygen and hydrogen
2) What does NFC based on _____.
3) Ozone layer is found in which layer of earth?
Ans: Stratosphere
4) Who is the first dalit president  of India?
Ans: RK Narayan
5) What is study of earth called as?
Ans: Geology
6) Rupee sign was created by _____.
Ans: D Udaya Kumar
7) How many players are there in volleyball?
Ans: 6
8) To which part in body, dialysis is treatment for ______.
Ans: Kidney
9) Larynx is for ______.
Ans: Voice box
10) Radish is ______.
Ans: Vegetable.
11) What is exbiology?
Ans: Study of life beyond earth’s atmosphere

RRB NTPC Exam 2nd Shifts

1) Hindi day celebrated on ?
Ans. January 10
2)Kanha national park situated at which location?
Ans. MP
3) Aids day?
Ans. 1st Dec
4) Summer Olympics in 2016 will held at?
Ans. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5) Unit of pressure?
Ans. pascal

6) who is captain of national women’s hockey?
Ans. Ritu Rani

7) which country won more oscar awards other than U.S.A in film industry?

8) What is the capital city of A.p(Arunachal pradesh)?
Ans. Ita Nagar

9) which state is has least population percentage ?

10) who won the us open women’s doubles ?
Ans. Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis

11) dada saheb phalke award belongs to which field?

12) Elimination of following elements
A.organ. B.kristan. C.xenon D.hydrogen

Ans. hydrogen

13) Rajaram belongs to which game?

RRB NTPC Exam 3rd Shifts
1)What is study of map is called?
Ans: cartography
2)where is Indira Gandhi tulip garden located?
Ans: Srinagar
3) What is unit of pressure?
Ans: pascal
4)who was the considered as first programmer?
Ans: Ada Lovelace
5)Which is the state with lowest population density?
Ans: Sikkim
6)study of spider is called?
Ans. Arachnology
7) Where 2016 Olympics will be held ?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8) amalgam is mixture of metal with which substance?
9)which of the following is not an inert gas..Ne,he,XE,H?


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